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Update file

Download update AGR Studio files

Date Licence/Version

Links of download

07/10/2015   AGR Studio
29/09/2015  AGR Studio
16/09/2015 AGR Studio


Insertions step of update files

Etape agr


The old versions make place with the news.indeed they cannot be downloadable.  When you download a new version, it is significant if you do not want to lose your data of save all the files of the direstory of installation of AGR Studio having extension FIC and NDX. the others are not forcing interesting. After the installation of the new version, check if your data files are not crushed by the presence of news.If it is the case, you can recupere them by making un"copy to past", of the save directory to the directory of installation.

On the other hand, when you make a simple update of a version which you use already, the recommendations of in top are not significant any more.