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Presentation of KROM Consulting / Application


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Specialized in the study and the development of data-processing projects and the formation for the companies and private individuals, KROM Consulting is at your disposal.With through the whole of its competences and its know-how, KROM Consulting answers waitings of its customers in many fields.KROM Consulting develops, within the framework of a relation Consulting Customer-KROM privileged, solutions to measure in multiple branches of industry, in particular in the sectors of the management of material and immaterial resources.With through its experiment of ground, KROM Consulting engages near its customers a policy of transparency, a single interlocutor for your technical needs, a technical aid profiting from an access 24h/24 and 7j/7 by Internet, a rigorous follow-up of the services.



These key figures are given as an indication.They make it possible to follow the market trends and the internal policy of development.KROM Application, a division of KROM Consulting profits from an experiment of ground in many fields technics.This will of opening is a major asset in the development of complets solutions.It is also the key of our real capacity of adaptation.The two principals axes of development are based on data-processing systems "turn-key" on measuring and the formation.

Domaine de prestations : Nature de contrats :
Ccommercial field (25%) - pharmaceutical and médical field (35%) - Administratif  field(15%) - Industries(5%) - Environnement (10%) -Others (10%) Software Developpement (17%)- Internet System (10%)-Assistance & Maintenance(12%)-Council(8%)-Sales- Hard(20%) 


KROM Application joins together all its competences and its know-how for the development of complets tools for its customers.In a spirit of dynamism and effectiveness, it sets up a policy powerful customers:A contact privileged on the ground - the follow-up of the projects in progress 24h/24, 7j/7 by Internet - a will of transparency and communication.

Assistance & Prestations

  • -Feasibility study
  • -Book of the load
  • -Follow-up of data
  • -Processing of project
  • -Optimization of process
  • -Specific development
  • -Realization of key project "hand key"
  • -Solution of data processing
  • -Solution of Networks & Internet